PDF Title Creation Glitch


Hey guys, can anyone shed any light on a couple of questions I have for this brilliant program? I’ve spent the day digging around but no luck finding anything on this:

The files I am printing have long names that cannot be altered. Some of the names come out just fine, but others come out and its clear that PDFCreator has messed up… It seems if my filename is too long, it will try to put the file path in front of the name, print it, then leave me with a file showing ‘(…)’ but as this comes out so long a large part of the name gets compressed to just the ‘(…)’. Not sure if this is just a limitation of the program, but if so I was then hoping to do some ‘Title Replacement’ via the application settings.

This is where the next problem resides, as setting a Title Replacement works for all of my simple tests, but when I want to use it on a real project file it glitches out.

‘Real Project’ example file name:

J_Projects_2323 - Wggsddgn Hsdges; Dedg Fdgs Ssferdis_1. MST_Stdsggl_ddtgs_2223_DAS_Tfnhyjhjfhs_SSDDT_2134(…)EMENT FGDTGF FDGT V61 (DGDG15 - 18) DFS LADFGYDFDFDFT

I want to remove the first part of this filename ‘J_Projects_2323 - Wggsddgn Hsdges; Dedg Fdgs Ssferdis_1.’, as it is always the same, but it seems as soon as it gets to the underscores it drops out and doesn’t work. If I were to just replace anything without the underscores then it works fine… Help!

On the cusp of something very useful here, but theres some last piece I’m missing, I’m sure.




which version of PDFCreator do you currently have installed?
How did you setup your title replacement, did you use a RegEx or a basic replacement?

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Its the free version 3.2.0, using basic replacement functions only!




it worked here, did you set the type of the replacement to “start”?

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