PDFCreator 2.4.1 Conversion 0-100% Prompt Doesn't Close


I’ve run across the following issue with PDFCreator 2.4.1 (on Windows 10 Ent. and Windows 7 Ent.) and it only happens on the first run.

When converting any document to a PDF everything works fine, except that the conversion prompt that accelerates from 0% to 100% doesn’t close. It only happens on the first conversion.

I’m installing with the following command line: "PDFCreator-2_4_1-Setup.exe /LOADINF=“PDFCreator.inf” /VERYSILENT /NORESTART"

The inf is as below:

Dir=C:\Program Files\PDFCreator


I can confirm that this bug is present on 2.4.0 too.



does it display the welcome screen with links to our facebook page etc.? This is only shown on the first run, so it might be related; but so far, no other users have reported this and I am unable to reproduce it on my machine, so it is a bit difficult to find a solution.

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Hi Robin,

This isn’t an issue with the welcome screen, but with the progress screen (0% to 100%) when converting a document to a PDF. It doesn’t close on the first conversion, but only the first conversion. All subsequent documents convert to PDF fine and the screen closes, but just not the first time through.

I don’t know if it makes a difference but this is being deployed via System Center 2012 R2.




i did understand that, I just thought since it only happens on the first conversion, it might be related to the welcome screen (e.g. failing to load the welcome screen blocks closing the progress screen) but of course this is also just a first guess. Does it show the welcome screen during the frist conversion? Or do you launch PDFCreaotr before the first conversion anyway, in order to configure settings?

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Hi Robin,

It could be. If I open PDFCreator before making a PDF, I don’t have any issues. If I just go straight into making a PDF, then I get the issue with the progress screen. It doesn’t show the welcome screen during first conversion.