PDFCreator 2.4.1 resetting to default values


I have the same kind of problem occuring on several computers. I haven’t found any common nominator, but sometimes PDFCreator loses all the self made profiles and also changes the language. It almost seems like PDFCreator restores the default settings. This is a big problem because it activates the “Show progress during conversion” and “Open document” tabs which seem to cause sluggishness and overall instability. This seems to be happening with the 2.4.1 version but I didn’t notice this kind of behavior with the previous version. Any ideas how I could make the settings stick?



I am afraid we aren’t able to reproduce this here. Please turn the logging level to “trace” in the debug section of the PDFCreator application settings and send us a log the next time the settings are reset, with a bit of luck the log will contain additional information.

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exception in updateprocedure: the remote name could not be resolved update.pdfforge.org

i have same problem too.