PDFCreator 3.x re-installation never ends


Due to an error (adding password to PDF by printing with PDF creator do not work on one PC), I wanted to reinstall PDF creator on the previous PC.
So I desintall it through the control panel > add-remove programm and I reinstall it.

The installer seems to be able to install PDF Architect but stay frozen on the PDF creator installation… I left the installation programming running 2 hours in case… but it never ends… I do not have any error popup…

Do you have any idea ? Can anyone help me ? Do I have to clean the registry after the desinstallion process and which tools do I have to use for it ?

Other details :
OS : Windows 10 - Familial - 64 bits
Try n°1 : I also tried to desinstall PDFcreaor V3.0.2 and architect and then re-install PDF creator V1.7.3 and then V3.0.2 but it do not work.
Try n°2 : I tried to resinstall PDF creator V3.1 but it do the same…


At the moment, I use free version but I want to know what would be the advantage to buy a licence ? How many licences do I have to buy (I have one developpement PC and one client PC), do I have to buy 2 licences ?

My needs are : I have to use PDF creator to create PDF protected files with ACCESS and I plan to do this by PDFcreator COM.



most likely the setup of PDFCreator itself did actually complete successfully, but the installer hang on the last step where it is supposed to display an offer screen for an optional third party offer in the free edition. Please try printing something to the PDFCreator printer to check if the installation was successful.
The paid editions come with priority email support and some extra/updated features like AES256 encryption and user defined tokens.

Best regards