PDFCreator Server: Resuming Jobs that have errored out during processing


We are running PDFCreator Server v1.1.1 Build 9994. Our business app prints to the PDFCreator Server which converts the print job to a PDF document and writes the file to a remote server. This process has been working fine but we have run into an issue when the remote server is rebooted (for maintenance). If there are jobs queuing to the PDFCreator server when the remote server is rebooted the jobs will stack up in the c:\windows\temp\pdfcreator server directory. Once the remote server is back online all new jobs will print fine but the jobs that stacked up in the temp directory remain and will not finish processing.
Question: Is there a way to setup PDFCreator to automatically finish processing the jobs that have stacked up in the directory? Or is there a way to manually reprocess the jobs without having the business partner re-print?

I am including some screenshots to help give an idea of the process.

Thanks for any help that you can provide