PDFCreator - Using script before and after print (not possible in 2.xx)



I have a problem for print a pdf with pdfcreator. I need using script before and after print process, but this fonctionnality is not available in 2.xx.

Why i not install 3.xx ? because i have a server 2003 and its not possible to install 3.x to windows serv 2003. (really?)

My question is, do you have a solution for this scénario ?

Thank for you reply, and sorry for my bad english.



I am afraid there might not be a good solution for this.
The only versions capable of running a script before saving are legacy and no longer supported.
What does the script before saving do?

P.S. the reason why PDFCreator 3.x can’t run on Server 2003 is that Server 2003 doesn’t support .NET 4.5.2, but 3.x versions also don’t have a “run before print” action

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Thank for your reply.

I know for the .NET 4.5.x .I see the framework used in PDFCREATOR3.x sources.

My problem with 2.x , is a necessary for my scenario, a read the TMP file before print process.

A try a other solution with PDF Creator et c# interrop com.