Reporting Security Issue



Can someone help to guide to whom I should report security issue that found in PDF Architect 6?



Hi @nafiez,

Kindly send an email to the PDF Architect Support Team (support[at] and put us (support[at] on CC.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Florian,

Just to confirm that if you have received a number of email from me. Can you check if someone working on it?



Hi @nafiez,

Thank you very much for your detailed reports.

I will forward your emails to the responsible colleagues right now. Be sure that they will take care of the issues.

Best regards


Thanks Florian. I would like to hear update and feedback from your team.


Hi Florian,

Any update on this?



Hi @nafiez,

I forwarded all the information to PDF Architect’s lead developer.
They’re looking into the issues but I have not received feedback on the progress.

Kind regards


Hi Florian,

Any update on this?




I still didn't get any update on this. Can you check on it?


Hi nafiez,

Sorry for not answering.
Was quite busy and therefore I did not look into the forums much.

I did not get any updates until now.
I'll gladly ask them about the progress.