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Our office currently uses pdf creator to assist in our document conversion & archiving. In the last update ( pdf architect suddenly appeared & is causing conflict issues with our automated document processing. We had to uninstall architect on all pc's to resolve the issue. Now I see that pdf creator version is out & once again, Architect has returned.

Is there a way to prevent Architect from automatically installing itself every time there is an update to Creator????



yes simply deselect it from the list of components during setup.




That’s just it - we're not setting anything up. It is a long-established install of pdfcreator.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

It is automatically updating despite the Update Interval on the Options screen set to "Never" check for updates.

Is there a way to turn off the automatic installation of Architect from an established version of Creator???



 see this script, which automatically installs PDFCreator without updates and without the @#%@#^$@%$^@$ PDF Architect:

You have to take over manually managing PDFCreator’s updates, as the foistware problem doesn’t seem to be getting any better.


"It is automatically updating despite the Update Interval on the Options screen set to “Never” check for updates."

This shouldn´t be happening, if there is a problem here, please check the corresponding registry settings;
UpdateInterval needs to be set to 0.

Is there a way to turn off the automatic installation of Architect from an established version of Creator???"
You can download the latest version manually and create a cutom .inf file where the PDF Architect is excluded. In the automatic updates, PDFArchitect will be selected by default, but can be deselected during the update process.




 Same issue here in our Citrix enviroment. I set the PDF Creator UpdateInterval to 0 and the DisableUpdateCheck to 1 for all users via logon script. However last night PDF Creator updated to 1.7 on all servers and installed PDF Architect. PDF Architect does not work well in our environment, it is unwanted software, it is causing user problems, it is causing downtime. How do I prevent this from ever installing again.



did you disable it in HKLM, or HKCU ?
The settings in HKCU are overwritten by HKLM settings if present.




On Feb 21 2015 I updated PDFCreator, and PDFArchitect came along with it. This has been only an annoyance until today, when I tried to file a registration document. PDFArchitect interfered, trying and failing to open the file, and causing Windows Explorer to fail, in turn aborting my registration filing. When I try to open PDFArchitect by itself it can’t find atom.dll.
(part of the same problem? different problem?) How do I get PDFArchitect out of the way?



you can uninstall it witht the default method of the Windows control panel or use that to remove individual components, like the explorer integration/preview, It will not effect PDFCreator.

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The latest “foistware” PDF Architect 4 installs when you update to PDFCreator 2.2.2 silently.  This happens even when the earlier version PDFCreator was explicitly installed without PDF Architect.  To make matters worse, not only can I not find any documentation how to silently uninstall PDF Architect, it is also absent from Add/Remove Programs as well!

I appreciate we almost all using PDFCreator for free.  With the change in version 2.2 restricting it’s use on Terminal/RDS/Citrix servers, I was actually considering purchasing a licensed version for that use.  However, I am tired of PDF Architect being pushed on my environment, so I think now I am done completely PDFCreator in my environment.  Windows 10 has a Print to PDF feature: I will tell my users to use that instead, and find a different solution for terminal services.



sorry about the missing uninstall entry; this is a bug but only happens under certain conditions, which we haven’t been able to determine yet (perhaps it is the silent update of PDFCreator, I will try that right away). Running this installer will provide an option for the complete removal on the first step:
When updating PDFCreator silently, you can use command line parameters to configure what gets installed:

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Hi Robin have you been able to figure it out?

We deploy PDF Creator with the silent install and it keeps deploying PDF Architect, we do not want this.

Please let me know how to rectify this



the command line parameters for controlling which componets to install (link above) should be working for a long time, as far as I know the bug was only present in PDFCreator 2.2.2 or at least fixed shortly afterwards.
If you are still experiencing any issues witht his, please let us know the command line you use to deploy PDFCreator. If you have a business license you can also use the MSI installer which doesn’t include PDF Architect by default.

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ok we need the versions in both English and French, is the MSI supported in french as well?



the MSI installation itself is in English, but of course French will be available inside PDFCreator and it is possible to set the language through GPO after installing.

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