Save Filename truncation


System: Windows 10
Version PDFCreator Free v3.1.0 Build 10222

When printing to PDFCreator and saving a Filename with a “.” in the filename, the filename truncates after the “.” and adds pdf filename extension.

My naming convention is as follows yyyyddmm-lastname.firstname-description.pdf. After Save is pressed, the filename will truncate to yyyyddmm-lastname.pdf. The portion after the dot, “firstname-description” is removed.

This is a problem, since the full filename is not being saved after the dot character. This was not a problem in previous versions.



I am not able to reproduce this issue in PDFCreator 3.1.1, did you use interactive or automatic savings? Did you add any regular expressions to the title replacement settings?

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I was not aware there are different modes of interactive or automatic.
Here are the steps I took.

Print using PDFCreator

Once Save is clicked the next screen truncates the filename after the dot.


Issue persists on Version PDFCreator 3.1.2



thank you for the update, unfortunately we didn’t manage to have a closer look at this earlier.
I was now able to reproduce the issue, by altering the filename on the PrintJobWindow directly (screenshot 2), which means now we can start fixing it for one of the next updates.
Initially I tried to change the filename template and used the native windows save dialog to reproduce the issue, but those workflows aren’t affected by the issue.
Previous versions didn’t have their own dialog for entering a file name and always used the Windows dialog instead.

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