Show notification after PDF print



Recently installed the latest version of PDFCreator Server.
Server works like a charm, but there is one thing really confusing for the end users.
They are not aware where the document is stored.
So my question is, is there a way to show some kind of notification when a document is printed?



I am afraid this is exactly one of the limitations of PDFCreator Server. Since it runs as service in session 0, it can’t display anything to the user.

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What you could do is the following:

  • Store the PDF’s in a folder on a share specific to a user.
  • Map that folder as a network drive.
  • Write a simple script or program in C# or Powershell that watches that folder if a new file is create.
  • In our situation i wrote a simple C# program that pop’s up if a new file is created and give’s the user the choice to change the name of the file and to mail or open the file or to open the folder where the file is stored.