Still getting pop-up adds for Summer Sale


I purchased PDF Architect (or maybe Creator) years ago, and once or twice purchased the upgrades (after being constantly spammed). I currently have PDF Architect 5 installed, along with one of your add-ons, which since I rarely use the product, I can't remember what it is. Anyway, I'm now suddenly getting pop-up ads for your PDF Architect SUMMER SALE, inviting me to upgrade to Version 6! These pop-ups are occurring every few minutes it seems, and it's become quite infuriating! Why do you do this when I've already purchased your software?! How do I disable this irritating spam pop-up?



you can disable the popups once and for all inside the general settings section of the PDF Architect options (disable notification system). I don't think showing you the ad every few minutes is done on purpose, sorry for the (by the sound of it) malfunction.
If disabling the notification system doesn't get rid of all the ads, please let me know.

Best regards



Hi Robin,

I have the same issue. But I am using the latest FULL version of your product and I am still being spammed with your stupid INTRUSIVE adds !!!!

Seriously, I shouldn't have to do ANYTHING to prevent me from being spammed by a software I bought !


I have you software for many years now and it is a redundant issue. I have been spammed way to many times now. I followed your advices, stopped some services, changed some option and so on. The next time I am being spammed after an update I will find another less intrusive solution to deal with my PDF's.



Hi Yannick,

Thanks for your feedback. We'll make sure to forward it to the colleagues at PDF Architect.

For other visitors, here's a detailed guide on how to deactivate the desktop notifications: