Stop prompting for Avast install at the end!


I'm really surprised that no one has complained about this. At some point in recent releases (maybe this last one) PDFCreator started offering to install Avast antivirus software. However, it offers it at the very END of the process, and the "install" button is exactly where the "exit" button that one has grown accustomed to seeing at the end of the install would be. This is bordering on sleazy since you offer other optional software BEFORE doing the install and users would not expect to see another prompt at that point. Even worse, I accidentally installed it and a normal uninstall will not work and I'm apparently going to have to reboot my machine into Safe Mode for the removal process to run. So not only are you offering the software in a questionable manner, the software itself behaves poorly and really shouldn't even be associated with PDFCreator.



Hi Bill,

while I can understand your point, there are technically also good reasons for the offer screen to get shown at the end; if anything fails while installing the offer or loading the screen, PDFCreator is already installed and you simply don't get the offer/ad. T
Uninstalling the third party software should however work through the regular uninstall procedure, we will look into that.

Best regards



Well putting the "OK install" button where exit should be was particularly annoying, not to mention the silent install that resulted in my not realizing what had happened until it was too late.

I will also point out that Sun got a lot of bad publicity for adding in other software when installing Java and eventually stopped doing it.