Terminal Server licensing issue with 2.5.1 & when trying to upgrade to 3.2.0


Was getting a message of “Your license for PDFCreator Terminal Server 2.5.1 is invalid or has expired. Please check your license, otherwise PDFCreator will shutdown.” I was able to get the licensing to validate, but when using PDFCreator nothing happens. I tried to upgrade to 3.2.0 and now during the install process I’m getting a message of An error occurred validating the license key! License: Mate Precision Message: The Maximum of 1 licenses is exceeded! You need a new valid license key to continue. Do you want to proceed with the installation? I’m not sure if I should continue or how to get a new valid license key.


Hi Justin,

As we are already in touch via e-mail let us continue that way :slight_smile:

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