V 3.1.2 always sets "show quick actions" to ON at first start


Hello, I’ve also experienced this issue on previous versions of V3, and on several Windows versions.

After deinstalling a previous PDFCreator version (keeping the programm settings) and then installing the actual version, at the first program start the setting for showing the quick actions is always set to “True” regardless of the previous value.
This happens for all users.

This means, the registry value:


is not taken from the previous settings but is always set to “True” for all “ProfileNumber”.
This happens for all users at first program start by each user.

Since I am not using the quick actions, this means I have to edit all profiles for all users after each PDFCreator update.

Could you change this behaviour of the installer?



thank you for the feedback and sorry for the trouble.
this was originally a design decision as we have only started adding possible quick actions and are afraid people might disable them permanently before they are fully developed. But I can also understand how this can be a problem or at least annoying. I am sure we can find something in between, like only re-enabling the quick actions once additional actions actually become available.

Best regards