Windows explorer crashing when right click


This is a fresh build and the functions work without any issues until we install PDF Architect on the machines and then we start experiencing the issues. I’m able to replicate the issue every time and this only started with the new update of PDF Architect that was released recently.


Here is a re-post of my post on the thread on this subject. To say I was LUCKY after many hours of troubleshooting to stumble upon this solution is an understatement. To discover this was a KNOWN ISSUE is infuriating! This functionality, which is known to cause major issues in Windows, should simply be removed until you find a fix. OR at least a banner placed on you download page advising new users that it has a problem and might cause major issues to their windows environment… so that unsuspecting putz’s such as myself don’t spend countless ours trying to troubleshoot their windows file system. I wonder how many unsuspecting users out there have this problem and are simply unaware as to why their windows installation is behaving erratically?

I understand software has bugs and no programmers are perfect, that is completely understandable and forgivable. However to continue releasing said software - that has such a huge detrimental impact on explorer shell functionality - and you have known about since May! - without at least warning users so that they don’t waste hours of their time troubleshooting it, is reprehensible.

I am very disappointed.


When will this be fixed? At the very least we should have the option not to install the Windows Shell Integration instead of having to install it and then go back in and remove it for it not to break Windows 10.


The bug has been fixed and the update is scheduled to be released later today.
We are really sorry for any trouble this has caused.
It didn’t instantly become clear that all users installing PDF Archtiect 4.1 on a fresh system are encountering the bug, or that it is difficult to find its origin, otherwise additional measures like a banner on the download page or a temporary removal of the problematic component would have been taken into consideration.