1.5.1 Doesn't Install printer in Windows Devices & Printers

I succesfully uninstalled 1.5.0 & ran the 1.5.1 installation in expert mode following all instuctions. I received an error at the end of the installation & after being asked to reboot that no printer had been installed. Upon checking the Windows Devices & Printers Window all of my printers had disappeared.

After rebooting my printers had all come back but not the PDF Creator printer.

I then uninstalled PDF Creator (the files were all there & the group in the start menu & desktop icons had been created) & re-ran the installation. At the end of the installation I received no error message but PDF Creator had still not been added to my Devices & Printers window.

Any ideas?

Ok... third times the charm. The third time IĀ installed this I rebooted then disabled everything I could in my system tray: Spybot S&D, Snagit, Microsoft Sky Drive & OneNote, and Google Drive.

I re-ran the installation selecting Expert Mode & left everything as the default through the install process. (I didn't install AVG)

When the install was complete. I had PDF Creator in my Windows Devices & printers as the default printer. I tried printing from Notepad & everything works fine.

Not sure what happened but if you need additional info in case this is seen by others please feel free to ask.

Thanks for a great product. Been using it for many years.