2.01 print Manager

The print manager in version 1.73 had features that seem to be missing in Version 2.01.

1st,  to select a job or multiple jobs and move them to the top or bottom of the print queue.
I don’t see this ability in 2.01. 

2nd,  To add an existing PDF or PS file to the print queue.

3rd,  Once the print queue is arranged in the sequence I want my jobs to print, that sequence is lost when I select continue.  Returning to the “manage function” requires re-arranging the print sequence a 2nd time.

Am I missing a setting or other control to address these problems?


thanky you for the feedback, you are not missing a setting.
The features are curently missing (PDFCreator was completely rewritten after version 1.7.3) but we have received a lot of feedback regarding the new “print job management” and will try to improve this in future versions.

best regards,