2008 Server not working

I have installed the server PDF Creator on a 2008 Stnd Server and it will run but if I try to open the Settings it crash's.  I really need some help on this.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) will stop the options window from opening on (at least) Server 2008 x64.

To fix, just exempt the PDF Creator executable from DEP in the Advanced System Settings -> Performance -> DEP area.

That worked great, thanks for the info. we really like this product and has help our paperless solution.

Among all programs that I have installed on my PC, PDFCreator is the only one that crashes with DEP on. In principle, if an application is blocked by DEP, it means that the application was trying to execute memory blocks that had been assigned to data; and if an application does than, it means either improper programming or a bug.

I'm not a computer or programming expert, I can't ■■■ into the code in search for the cause of this bug. But since it has already been found so many months ago (I've been dealing with it for more than a year now), can't anyone solve it, please? Turning DEP off for PDFCreator is not a solution: it's a paliative.