401 error while creating pdf


I recieve the error 401 (Cant show non modal form when modal form is displayed) while using PDF

please help me

Thanks in advance.


In which situation does the error appear? What are you doing in this moment?

for example:

printing from another app to pdf-creator? changing settings of pdf-creator? 

Post some Infos about your system, tasks/programms which are running at the same time as the error appears, and so on...

Did you get the error on another machine? With another system-user?

The error 401 appeared when I try to 'print' a test page exept if I 'print' the test page before another document.

Everything works before the last update I made... My oldest version don't even works since this update!!!


Error-Nr: 'Cant show non modal form when modal form is displayed'.

Modul: frmMain

Procedure: Form_load

Line : 50480


Does anyone can help me please?


Thanks in advance