"A new version" message blocks "automatically print to file"

Installed on a server, with five printer-profiles to save PDF files automatically at five different places.
Customer calls: “Does not work any more”.
Reason: The “New version available” message on screen blocks automatic printing to file.
Proposed solution: Showing the message is not problem, but it should not block printing if “automatic save” is configured in ANY of the existing profiles.

Version: 1.2.3, is it fixed in newer version?

I have to unset “check for update” for every profile created, but this should be a machine-global setting, not a per-print-profile setting.

Is there no more bugtracker like it was on sourceforge?

Apart from that: I’ve been using PDF creator since version 0.9.1 (for me it beat FreePDFxp with that version), and this is the first time I needed to report something ; ).


it is enough to unset the check for update for the default profile, this setting will be ignored on other profiles.

The “New version available message” will still halt the automatic printing, so it is recommended to completely disable the update check on servers.