A word booklet in portrait mode shows rotated tables in landscape and

I’m a longtime user of PDFcreator. But now with the latest version I have 2 questions.
first that in a Word booklet of 32 pages in portrait mode some pages
with rotated textareas with large tables are shown in Adobe or other
readers in landscape. I was expecting that these page were also in
portrait mode. Is this done by the PDF reader or by PDFcreator?

all these rotated tables are missing some parts of their column &
lines.These lines have a thickness of 1 pt in Word. In Word they shown
Please your advice on these questions.

Windows 7 pro, PDfcreator 1.7.1


would it be possible for you to send us the word booklet (support@pdfforge.org)?
My guess would be it happens during creation, but then again it is odd only areas and not entire pages have the wrong orientation.
You could try the new rewrite in C# to see if it has the same issues: http://forums.pdfforge.org/discussion/11150/testers-wanted-pdfcreator-rewrite-preview-version#Item_1