About dismissing Error message window

I want the Error message window not to appear when PDFCreator occur an error.

10 event error messages exist:
-2 Unknown Event!
-1 Test Error Event.
1 The ActiveX-Server has not been started! Please use function "cStart()" to start the ActiveX-Server!
2 An instance of the PDFCreator is already running. It is not allowed to have more than one instance running!
3 Unknown Options Name '%1' in '%2'!
4 Ghostscript Error: '%1'!
5 The file '%1' could not be found!
6 No valid path '%1' was given!
7 The file '%1' is in use!
8 Function '%1': Options1 is not a 'clsPDFCreatorOptions' type!
9 No valid postscript file '%1' was given!

Is there any way to set option or method?

thank you

Which script use you? It is only event.

I use Jscript or C#. 

I want print documents in a loop,

but when there is any error , PDFCreator appear the error message window and even I clicked "OK", It dosen't back to loop. 

I think the error window is not related to error handler.

Is there any idea about this problem? 

Thank you.