Access to COM interface with Citrix/Terminal Served edition

My client has asked me with what seemed like a simple request but turns out it’s not - to be able to programmatically generate a PDF in Excel and password protecting it, i.e. an encrypted PDF.

I’ve done a little proof of concept using PDFcreator from Excel VBA on a standalone virtual machine but my client runs Citrix/Terminal Server and one can’t install the desktop version there. Whilst the license @ €265 is one of the cheapest solutions in the terminal server market, I need to know that the same code will run in that environment.


yes the same code should work. Did you test with PDFCreator Business, or with the freeware? The Business edition uses the same components as the Terminal Server edition, while the freeware uses iText# instead of pdftools for the encryption.
The interface is the same for all, so generally it should work in any case.
We would also give a full refund if for any reason something shouldn’t work as expected and our team will also be happy to supply you with a trial license for Terminal Servers, please contact support(at) if you’d like a 30 day trial.

Best regards


Thanks Robin - I’ve asked my client to get in touch directly to get a trial of the terminal server version. Once he’s done that, I’ll try my proof of concept code. Regards, Rob.