“Actions > Open Document" not working


I have latest version of PDF creater installed on a Win10 desktop PC.

I use the autosave option to save the pdf file on a network share, file is created fine but for some reason the ticked option “Open Document” in actions is not longer working, neither with Adobe Reader or PDF Architect.

I tried to load acrobat with actions -> start script but that doesn’t work either it seems that the whole actions is not triggered after pdf creation.

I’ve already remove & reinstalled PDF creator, no solution.

Any toughts?

Thanks Filip

Hi Filip,

the Workaround should work in any case, but you might need to additionally disable the open document action, as the script action might not get executed if this fails. Does the open document action work, if you tell it to always use PDF Architect (regardless of your default viewer setting)? Somehow the .NET methods for getting the proper application to open a given file type are failing in some OS and we are having a bit of a hard time finding a stable solution for all supported OS. The “open document with PDF Architect” action should however work in any case, as long as PDF Architect is installed, as the path to the PDF Architect.exe is looked up in the registry directly. Reinstalling Adobe Reader might also solve the problem (I tested setting Adobe Reader as default on my Win 10 machine and the open document action was able to find/use it).

Best regards,


Hi Robin,

I cant’ get it working, strange thing is I have this on 2 pc’s other pc is doing fine, on one PC I have 2 users for one user it is working for the other user not??? Same setting on both.

Where it not works it seems that no action is working at all, script, open, mail,… document is created, autosaved but no action…

Any toughts where it can be going wrong?