Activation issue


We recently purchased PDFCreator Terminal Server. We run version 2.5.2 on a citrix xenapp 6.5 server with windows 2008 R2.

At this moment we have to reactive the PDF Creator license every day. This is because we are running citrix with provisioning services which means the servers are in read only mode and all changes are gone after a reboot (which is every night).

I can probably do the activation in the master image but if the activation expires every 2 weeks this will consume alot of time. Also since the license is valid for 1 year i don’t get why the activation needs to be done every 2 weeks. Is there any solution so the activation doesn’t have to be done every 2 weeks?

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Dear Gerald,

it should work if the activation service is run from an account which can reach our license server and write to HKLM, did you assign an account to the service on the master? If not, it will by default run in the local system account and might not be able to contact our license server.

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Hello Robin,

It’s still running with the local system account. I will change this in the master image and let you know if this solved my problem.

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