Ad-Aware Web Companion installed automatically?

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when I’ve been updating the free pdf creator for the last few times I’ve always had the Ad-Aware Web Companion automatically installed with the update causing my customized browser to lose its homepage and other adjustments. Is this “on the run” installation of the Web Companion normal and if yes, how can I prevent it?
Help is much appreciated, otherwise I will look for another to create pdf.

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it is not intended that anything gets installed without your permisson. The Web Companion is part of an offer screen that pops up during the installation, normally you can decide whether you want to install it or not.

Sadly neither we nor our offer partner are able to reproduce the problem. That being said, we would really appreciate it, if it would be possible, to make a video of the problem happening, because of course we want to find a solution for this. 

You can uninstall the Web Companion with your Windows control panel. If you Browser still does not function normally, a reset should help.

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Web companion was installed without asking any permission in my laptop.

Web companion was installed without asking any permission in my Desktop too…
This makes it Malware…

Found it!
In some computers the popup during the installation, asking for web companion, is blocked by the antivirus (like Avira) so it is installed by default without further asking for permissions.
Guys, you should change the installer.


if the window gets closed manually or by killing the task with the task manager, this doesn’t happen. The only product we were able to reproduce this behavior with is Avira Antivir (and only if the “application” threat detection is activated, which is deactivated by default.).We contacted them about this but they weren’t able to reproduce the problem. 
It is really annoying, as we can’t really find out how they interact with our setup in such a way, that the offer screen is automatically accepted. We urge all users encountering this problem to also contact the Avira support. Of course, our offer partner has also looked into this, but they also think it is faulty behavior by the security product. The antivirus should in no case install what it blocks, this means somebody could actually abuse this flaw in the antivirus to put dangerous software onto your system. 

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