Add Foreground /Watermark / PDF-Stamp with Hotfolder

I just bought PDF Creator Professional to get automated Watermark/Stamp infront of my pdf.

Sadly i just can put it on background where no one can see it :frowning:

Stemp is just giving me the option to add text not my PDF wit hpicture an text..

Is there an option to add/stamp my Watermark.pdf in front (first position/layer) to my daylie.pdf ? unattanded / hotfolder ?

(I'm using 4.0.3)



I am afraid this isn't possible yet, but we will look into it and see if we can add this as a feature.

Best regards


Hello, maybe you can try a 3rd-party watermark tool, I have used a tool called Easepaint Watermark Expert, maybe you can also have a try.