Add printer Via Command Line

I would like to create a script that would automaticly add a printer for PDFCreator.
When I type in the command:

.\PrinterHelper.exe addprinter "PDFTest"

I get this error:
Unknown parameters: pdftest
Add one or more printers.

I am using PDF Creator 4.2.0.
how can I add a printer, lets called it "PDFtest" via command line.

Thank you

If I add this command:
"c:\Program Files\PDFCreator\PrinterHelper.exe" /AddPrinter "PDFTest"

I get this info that command is not supported:

The command /AddPrinter is not supported!
addprinter Add one or more printers.
deleteprinter Remove one or more printers.
renameprinter Rename a printer.
installprinter Installs printer drivers and adds one or more printers.
repairprinter Tries to repair the printer driver by uninstalling and reinstalling all components and adding the specified printers.
uninstallprinter Uninstalls all printers and drivers.
updateprinter Update the PDFCreator drivers.
showprinterinfo Show a list of all printers, drivers and monitors.
listprinters Shows a list of all printers.
extractto Extracts the PDFCreator printer drivers.

found it, this is the command:
"c:\Program Files\PDFCreator\PrinterHelper.exe" addPrinter -name="NAME_OF_PRINTER" /SinglePort