Adding a barcode to a new generated PDF

Where building a PDf file from scratch and would like to add a barcode.
We've got a certain number which has to be displayed as an number.

We're using the coding below.
There is a barcode visible but it can't be scanned.
Am I missing something?

Procedure CreatePDFWithBarcode
    String sBArcodefont sNormalfont sPath sFile
    Integer iArial iArialBold iBarcodeFont
    Move 'IDAutomationC128M' to sBarcodeFont
    Move 'Arial'             to sNormalFont
    Move (BasePath()) to sPath
    Move (sPath+Replaces(':',ssystime(),'')+".pdf") to sFile
    Send ComClear of oPDFPilot

    Send ComSetColor        of oPDFPilot 0 0 0 0
    Set ComPageOrientation  of oPDFPilot to 0
    Send ComSetColorStroke  of oPDFPilot 0 0 0 0
    Send ComSetLineDash     of oPDFPilot [] 0
    Send ComSetLineWidth    of oPDFPilot 1

    Get ComAddFont  of oPDFPilot sNormalFont   0 0 0 0 1 to iArial
    Get ComAddFont  of oPDFPilot sBarcodeFont 0 0 0 0 0 to iBarcodeFont
    Send ComUseFont of oPDFPilot iArial 14
    Send ComShowText        of oPDFPilot '124567890'
    Send ComSetTextPosition of oPDFPilot 330 50
    Send ComUseFont         of oPDFPilot iBarcodeFont 14
    Send ComShowText        of oPDFPilot '124567890'
    Send ComSaveToFile      of oPDFPilot sfile True