Adobe acrobat refuses to close automatically

hi all,

when i add an existing pdf-file to the waiting-list, adobe acrobat opens up, shows me a grey screen and remains open, until i close it per hand.

until that pdf creator will only show me a busy cursor and does not respond to mouse-clicks.

i have de/reinstalled pdf creator multiple times without a result. i also used the repair-function of adobe acrobar 9 pro, didn't changed anything either.

also sometimes pdf creator just prints out the files i add to the list

before i forget: i use a windows 7 (64 bit) system

best regards, benedikt

Same problem here. If I drag and drop multiple PDF files I have to right click and close adobe for each file that I have added. I have tried this on 2 computers with different versions of adobe with the same problem. Annoying. Other prgrams open and close as they are added. I use Xp home and pro, both 2003.