Adobe Reader error with PDF/A: Invalid ColorSpace


I report an Adobe Reader error when reading a PDF made as PDF/A with PDFCreator v2.0.

This is in French but the reason can be understood by English people:

Adobe Reader
(!) Une erreur est survenue lors du traitement d’une page. ColorSpace incorrect.

Note that the problem occurs with the 3 parameters of PDF Model-colors (RGB, CMYK and Greyscale).

The Adobe Reader XI is a version 11.0.09.

Thanks for your attention.


Hello point_barre,

From here I can not reconstruct your error.
According to Preflight in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, all our created PDF/A files were valid. 

Would it be possible, to send us your invalid files?

Kind regards,

Hi Christophe,

Thanks for your answer.
Can I send you the file to the email address mailer@…?



please send them to

best regards,

Hi Robin.

I print this page in a PDF/A file and I send you it.