After many years, I quit

Hi everybody,

I've been using PDF Creator (PDFC) for quite a while. I even recommended it.

I've been delayed to update from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3. Then I came across this forum and started to investigate a few issues.

Why I didn't update? Because there is no such thing. Each time, the software must be deinstalled and reinstalled, adding more work for me since my XP box is highly customized. I'm fed up with this. Many software do smooth updates, why not this one?

Besides, it looks like recent releases are not only fixing bugs, but they're creating new ones. I do not want to update every month.

So I'm trying another free alternative, say PDFX (not the real name). I noticed top margin is much bigger with PDFC than with PDFX. Guess what? PDFC is wrong. It never bothered me before because the result always looked fine. But if it was wrong it didn't really matter, or I didn't care.

Next, PDFX takes into account my gs installation (always kept up-to-date). Result: PDFC eats almost 30 MB while PDFX occupies only 3.5 MB.

PDF Creator is a great software. Sure, it deserves 5 stars. When version 2.0 gets out, I'll definitely try it again.

So what is the name of the real name of the product you like?  I have simular issues to you....

is is just free or free and open source?

Please share...