Allow commenting not working?

Adobe products only allow you to mark-up documents created with Adobe certficated (approved) tools,
so if your file was created by another - non certificated product - the file can not be marked up as required.

So will this work with PDF Creator, I guess not, aaarrrggghhh!


When you receive a PDF to review, you can annotate it by using the commenting and markup tools.

These features are available only when the PDF author has enabled commenting.
Also use the commenting and markup tools to return your comments to the author.

How to allow commenting and markup tools with PDFcreator?

It's not set when the security is off and when it's on you cannot allow it either!

Disallow most other things has the right effect and allowing them again also works, just not what I need commenting...

using PDFcreator 0.9.9 and Adobe Reader 9.2

The HELP file describes the options available in PDFcreator. Disallow User to:
    * print
    * copy text and images
    * modify the document
    * make or change comments.

But PDF Reader actually shows these security options:
    * Printing
    * Document Assembly
    * Content Copying
    * Content Copying for Accessibility
    * Page Extraction
    * Commenting
    * Filling of Form Fields
    * Signing
    * Creation og Template Pages

I also found this as the same issue between Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, which I have not been able to verify, cause I don't have Adobe Acrobat:

I think this is highly buggy any help greatly apreciated!



+1 from me on the need to create pdfs that allow users to add comments when using Acrobat reader.

Even with security turned on and Disallow Usert to Modify comments unchecked, I can't add comments.  Disappointing indeed.