An unhandled Win32 exception occured in PDFCreator.exe[8092] when clicked on "Option"


In my development environment this is working fine, but in test environment this problem occured.

When clicked on "Option" a new window open with this message "An unhandled Win32 exception occured in PDFCreator.exe[8092]  inside the Visual Studio Just In Time Debugger window".

Test Environment :-

Windows Server 2003 SP2(x86), SQL Server 2005


Its almost 24 Hrs. without any reply. I am looking for the contact no. of the technical team so that i can resolve this by end of the day.

I got the solution:

  a.. Right click My PC / Properties.
  b.. Click Advanced Tab
  c.. Under Performance, click Settings
  d.. Click Data Excecution Prevention tab
  e.. Select Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only
  f.. Restart Windows
This option is selected by default, but with installation of SQL 2005 or
Visual Studio it changes and start to cause a series of trouble without any
information to the user.

Hope this help you.