Angry because I Payed for PDF creator free but did not receive anything

Yesterday I ordered and payed directly € 9,95 with the use of an Ideal paiement for your product the PDF creator free from adds for one year.
I am very dissapointed that I have not received a mail with further download instructions and a password or something from you.
In fact I have payed and have not received anything!
There is no possibilitty to mail directly to your company, so I use this way to make clear that I am not amused and not satisfied!
You can check that I ordered and I payed directly from the Netherlands.

I hope and demand that you fix this!

John Hagens

Dear John,

our payment provider fastspring automatically sends out the license key and download instructions after confirming the payment. Please check your spam folder for mails from fastspring. Your order is visible in the system and the payment has been confirmed.
I have re-triggered to send the notifications from fastspring.

Best regards,