Any com example in access/word vba?

The com examples that I’ve googled apparently are for earlier versions and don’t work now.  As I understand, the com has been completely rewritten.  The PDFCreator com docs, for me, are not at all useful.  I don’t speak .js, so the couple of examples aren’t too helpful either.  Any vba examples around that work with the current 2.1x?


VBA examples will be available with the next release.

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Hej ... I've ordered today PDFCreator professional.
I would like to create protected PDF files with ACCESS-VBA. When it is announced in June 2015, that an example will be available with the next release, where can I find this example?

You can find some sample VBA macros in "Testpage2PDF.docm" in this folder, in the pc where you have installed PDFCreator:

C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\Com Scripts\Word - VBA\


I try it ... but ...

... without that reference I will get ...

I'm using the latest PDFCreator version, the free version,

I opened the document e ran each example successfully and without errors.
Did you try that?

I'm also using version ...

... when I try (see above) to set the reference to "PDFCreator Your OpenSource PDF Solution", I get the message "Error loading a DLL" ... that's the reason why a test of the examples cannot be carried out.

In my PDFCreator installation the pathname of the tlb file is:
C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\PDFCreator.COM.tlb

I opened the document with Word and ran the example.

You are doing something but within Access.