Apparent Installer Error

I ran my registry checker program today and discovered that there is a problem with the installation of PDFCreator.

The checker program stated that it could not fine the Images2PDF.exe.  It expected to find the program in the root of the PDFCreator directory.  Howerver, that is not where the installer placed the files.

The Images2PDF files were placed in a sub-directory with the same name.  So, I changed my registry entry to include the sub-directory name.

Installer created the entry:

c:\\program files\\pdfcreator\\images2pdf.exe

The correct location of the file is...

c:\\program files\\pdfcreator\\images2pdf\\images2pdf.exe

I have no of knowing if this is what was intended but for now that is where those particular files are located.  The installer needs a little fixin'.