Asked to restart when installing PDFCreator

I just uninstalled my old PDFCreator, restarted my computer, and ran the setup for v2.3.2. It ran briefly then displayed a window saying I needed to restart the computer to complete the installation. I thought that was strange because it was only about 10 seconds since I started it, and I had not seen any of the usual dialogs. So I restarted, and waited, and nothing has happened.

It is not in my Programs and Features.

Running Win10 Home 64bit.

I decided to post this here rather than trying to run it again.




this is strange indeed, but ruunning it again can’t hurt.
Usually a restart is only required if the pdfcmon.dll is still in use by the windows spooling service and can’t get replaced, but since you uninstalled and restarted before running the setup, it seems to have been something else. Did a PDFCreator folder get created in C:\program files\ ?

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Same thing is happening for me too.
I tried installing PDF Creator business 2.3.2 from MSI which failed.
So, I tried to install it from the exe and it asked me to restart.
Even after restarting, the installation still asking to restart.
I don’t see PDF Creator folder under Program files too.


the only thing that is checked by the setup regarding the restart is the registry entry called “PDFCreatorRestart” in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce or HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce.
Please check if this entry still exists in your registry and delete it manually if it is still there.

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I found the first entry and deleted it, and PDFCreator installed with no problems.

Same thing worked for me too. After deleting the first entry, I am able to install it with no issues.
Thanks a lot for the help. Saved my day.

This worked for me, too. Thanks a lot!