Attn PDF Forge Devs - PDF Creator Server on Citrix

Hi there,

We have recently purchased PDF Creator Server for use at a health board in New Zealand. We are currently seeking approval from our technical teams to deploy this application in our production environment.

We are planning on using PDF Creator Server on one of our Citrix farms and also on traditional PC's.

Can someone please confirm if PDF Creator Server works over Citrix? I see that a terminal server version is available also but we want to use one version for both types of deployment.

Thanks in advance!!


PDFCreator Server can run in a Citrix environment.
The difference between the Server and Terminal Server edition is the amount of interaction required/allowed by the user (Server has additional benefits like better performance, running as service). PDFCreator Server can only be configured server-side and only the printer is available to the clients, which can be thin or fat clients. PDFCreator Terminal Server provides a full UI for remote desktop users but doesn't work as shared printer over the network.

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