Audotcad won´t allow me to save same pdf twice (PDF ARCHITECT)


first post here! sorry if this has been reposted but I could not find same post

When i plot and save the preview to PDF version (in this case pdf architect 7), it allows me to export the dwg to pdf through the pop-up save menu.

The first iteration of this export file allows me to do so.

If i do a change on the dwg or want to resave and reexport to the same PDF file, from DWG, inside autocad, it shows the pop-up menu to allow to plot and allow to save to pdf but wont allow me to save the pdf to the same name file of the previous first iteration of the save for some reason!

it says that either the PDF file is protected or either the file is in use - however the app pdf arhictect 7 is closed and the files are not protected when i saved it on the first iteration

anyone else having a similar issue when exporting to PDF from DWG