Auto Save buffer to custom directory/filename

Achieved situation:

Save Outlook e-mail messages and it's attachments in one click to a configured folder.

Desired situation:

Before actually storing the PDF's on disk, I would like to be asked just once per e-mail where to store them.. Currently I have to problems to solve in order to achieve this:

  1. A "save as" prompt should pop-up before or after the the PDF's are created, so I can select where to store the files.
  2. Outlook performs a print operation per attachment. This would mean a "save as" prompt per attachment, which in my case is not desirable. Perhaps a time-limit can solve this issue? For instance, it can remember the "save as" location for a period of 5 seconds. After that, it wil prompt again for a new location.


a possible solution could be to use the “wait-collect” feature and merge the attachments.