Auto-save Delete file

is there a way to have the file deleted before saving. sometimes, the pdf file thinks it is open and halts the queue but if i could have it delete prior, it would alleviate the problem.


please try to explain more detailed, what you are doing with the PDFCreator, as I don´t understand what exactly you mean by delete a file before saving, how can you delete something which isn´t there yet? 
Do you mean you have some PDFs which will be replaced by the freshly created ones?



more detail… ok.

i have pdfcreator server installed
using auto-save feature to specified location
they are processing files every 2 hour and using the same name to over write existing.

for some reason, sometimes, the file being over written believes it is open and the server queue stops processing, if i rename or delete the existing file and start the queue it continues. 

the problem is that this is hanging at random times and there is no one to look at the queues at 2AM.

so, yes, I am trying to have PDFs which are replaced by freshly created with same name.