Auto-save fails to rename to "DocumentFilename"

Hey guys. Recently, I found an issue with PDFCreator (V1.7.3) auto-save feature on my Windows machine (WIN7) - for a PDF document with the initial view set to “title” instead of “file name” (or when the DisplayDocTitle in ViewerPreferences is set to “True”), PDFCreator will generate an output with the title as the name rather than its “DocumentFilename”, even I specify “DocumentFilename” under the “Filename” in the auto-save options.

This issue really bothers me. Please help! Thanks in advance!  


“title” and “file name” are not settings for the initial view so I am a bit confused.
In general, the DocumentFilename token only works if the printing application passes the filename to the PDFCreator printer, if it passes the title as filename the only thing that might help is printing from a different application.

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