Auto-Save issues from SAP print service (xSPrint)

Dear All,

I have problem with auto saving pdf documents to folder which are coming from SAP print service. We have SAP print service which is regularly sending print spools to PC where "PDFCreator" is installed. When such print spool request is sent - no any new file is saved in the directory.
However, in same time, if i print any other document (example from Notepad), then it is saving new pdf files in correct folder.

Basically, we are migrating, because this solution is working on computer with Window 7 yet, but when installed same on Windows 10, then having issues.

I can see that spool request is reaching printer queue under Control Panel > Devices and Printers, but it is not appearing in PDFCreator program and therefore not creating any new pdf file in my chosen folder.

Could you please assist me, it's quite important, how can i solve or which logs to check? I already spend long time, but still..

Kind regards,