AutoCAD DGW containg TIFF imnages problem when printing TIFF files with PDFcreator

Here is the context

OS: XP SP3 and Windows 7

AutoCAD 2009 and 2010

I have a DGW that has a TIFF image attached.

The details of this image are

8400x6000 pixels

Resolution 200 dpi

bit Depth= 1

Compression CCITT T.6

I configure PDFCreator to save automatically to TIFF and I configure the TIFF format in the options to

Resolution: 300 DPI

Colors:  2 colours with LZW compression

When I print from AutocAd using the PDFcreator printer, only the vector appears on the TIFF file

If I change the ioption in PDFcreator to use a resolution of 150 DPI, then the image also appears on the resulting TIFF

At first, I thought it might be some meory issues so I tested on multiple machines ranging fro 1 to 4GB RAMbut the result is the same

Any clue ?

PS: I should mention that my customer WANTS 300 DPI and will not settle for 150