Automated Merge - tool cost

I am looking for a tool, where it can merge all the documents in a single PDF.


  1. Start
  2. Look for documents
  3. Sort with the date time
  4. Merges all the document generated
  5. go back to sleep.

I am willing to pay for the right tool.


where will the tool look for documents? Is a user supposed to select a folder for each “merge job”, or will it always be the same folder?
In general it sounds doable, but will need some more detailed specifications.

Best regards,


The documents (for the discussion sake, word docs) will be generated from another tool and will be placed in a folder.
If I were to step it out:

  1. Tool 1 -> Generates 10 word docs in a folder “Output”.
    a. The doc1 has an Employee number,
    b. Doc2-Doc9 does not have an employee number or any identifier for that matter.
    c. Doc10 has an Employee Number.
  2. PDFCreator or Architect –
    a. Looks for documents in the Output folder.
    b. Sorts the documents in the order of time they are received.
    c. ASSUMES that document received first is a Doc1 and Document received last is a Doc10.
    d. Merges all the documents.
    e. Moves these word docs to another folder -> “~/Output/ProcessedDocuments”
    f. Outputs the Merged PDF in another folder ->"~/Output/ProcessedPdf"

Any help is appreciated.