Automatically save to folder of original file


I normally use PDFCreator to make PDF versions of other files I've created (e.g., Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, graphics files) and I always want to save the PDF in the same folder as the original. I currently have to work my way through my entire directory structure every time I create a new PDF (normally from the directory into which I saved my last PDF). I've tried playing with the program settings but can only find a way to autosave to a specific (fixed) folder. I don't understand the whole Redmon token thing, so have no idea if there's a way to make that work for me.

Any help would be most appreciated!



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 We've been able to succesfully configure this to work with certain applications, ie AutoCAD.  I don't think other applications send the correct information for the redmon tokens to work properly.  The one caveat is it doesn't work in the newest version, but does work in the 0.9.8 version.  In the Auto-Save options dialog set the output path to "\\".