Automating Install of PDF Architect, TSE version

Hello there !

I’m actually trying to automate an install of PDF Architect, TSE version 
(downloaded from there : )

Here’s my goal :
- Instalation from the command line, with ABSOLUTELY no human intervention (above 2K servers, for about 16K users …)
- No popup opening for users, even on first start. (we do not keep user profiles, so “first start” means “everytime” for us …)

I tried so many command line switches that I can’t remember :
PDF_Architect_Installer_3.0.5.23389_signed.exe /S

none of them works. And FAQ doesn’t explain any automated install process.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance !


you can use the /quiet parameter for silent installation.
You will also need a volume license key in order to preactivate during the setup, please contact our licensing department if you’d like a volume license for the free module (licensingATpdfforgeDOTorg). You should be able to use most if not all of the parameters listed here:

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Doh !

I confirm this parameter works well (as all the others). 
But I’ll add them in the FAQ install section if I’ll be you :).

Thank you very much for the Help !