Autosave adds extra folder to the saving path

I activeted the autosave function with the destination folder:
"C:\Users\fol\PDFCreator<DateTime:yyyyMMddHHmmss> "
I expect that if i print the test page on PDFCreator printer three times (waiting 1 minute between them) i have to see in the directory
three files:
20170525071239 Pagina di prova.pdf
20170525071339 Pagina di prova.pdf
20170525071439 Pagina di prova.pdf
Instead i see three directory:
20170525071239 Pagina di prova
20170525071339 Pagina di prova
20170525071439 Pagina di prova
Everyone contains the “Pagina di prova.pdf” file
I’m using Windows 7 pro 64bit and the latest PDFCreator
Anyone can help ?
Thank you in advance
Andrea Adami


did you use a token for the file path, instead of using it for the filename only?
The filename template needs to be configured in the “save” section of the profile settings.
Apart from that, you can never have 3 files with identical names in the same path, they would either get replaced, or PDFCreator will add a counter at the end of the filename to make it unique.

Best regards,