AutoSave over-writes exisiting file names without confirmation

This might be something between a) unexpected behavior 2) a bug, and 3) a suggestion

I have a PDFCreator printer variant which prints automatically to a “SCANNED” folder

When such a print request stores a duplicate file name, it undertakes that as an automatic overwrite/replace.

This is unexpected, but at the least, it should either a) ask or b) act pursuant to an “always overwrite” instruction/switch in the set up.

I would suggest that when the overwrite occurs, that a dialog popup box provide a extra check box to direct that the instruction/switch to the user’s selection in the DLG box  –  sort of a “always do this, never do this, or always ask” drop down box.


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I would file this under 3) suggestion, because it was a design decision to implement it that way. The Auto-Save mode is used to allow unattending printing/saving of documents. In many cases (say on a server), it would mess up everything if a dialog would pop up and cause all print jobs to wait until someone goes to the server hat hits “ok”.

Maybe it does make sense though to have a switch telling PDFCreator to add an increasing number to the output file, if the file name already exists in the output folder. This would make things as expected for you and users are made aware that files might be overwritten if the names are duplicate.

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I would offer that if there was a switch on the auto-save panel, to have the number increase, one might as well have a switch to warn / not warn.   Server users would set it not-warn, and everyone else could choose to warn, and/or chose the auto-increment convention in lieu of overwrite.

In the non-server environment, the auto save is spectacularly useful, as is, but for the spectacularly dangerous potential for accidental and irretrievable overwrites !!

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(Have I done enough to promote the suggestions, or is there another source I need to post to  . . . ?  )

There is nothing more you have to do, I have created a ticket in our system, so we will dicsuss it for the next release


Do you have any news about this?

I badly need this feature!